Air Recycling Tarar

Working Principles

Radial Tarar is used for separate low density things such as dust, glume, weak grains from the high density grains by air recycling aspiration system.


 Airchannel Section Bottom And Top Level Adjustment

The movable part in the body is adjusted according to the capacity of process.  Flap is positioned so that it can be adjusted in horizontal and vertical positions. Adjustment flap is made as desired by turning it to the right and left directions. These settings vary according to the products to be cleaned, the dust level in the product, the aspiration pressure level and the section settings.

 Aspiration Pressure Adjustment

Pressure adjustment of aspiration, it is carried out by bringing the flap(clapet) to the desired position with the aspiration pressure setting.

 Product Distrubutor Tray Setting

The product taken from the product inlet, spreads to the product distrubutor tray by vibration. An inclined setting should be made to provide a equivalent spread. Both sections have an adjustment mechanism. Equivalent distributing the product on the product distrubutor tray is very important for efficently cleaning.

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