About us


The company that always stay young with 33 years experience.

Konya; the land where grain turns into labor, labor turns into bread. GENC DEGİRMEN was founded in 1990 with the inspiration from this land. Our facility, which is established on an area of 30.000 square meters and we offers solutions for flour and semolina production facilities with our experienced staff who respect their job. Thanks to its worldwide dealer network, it carries the miracle of labor to 60 countries of the world.

Harmony of technology and Labor

In the rapidly growing and developing world; Genc Degirmen constantly renews itself since the day it was founded. It provides perfect production with its machine park enriched with CAD-CAM supported CNC machines and its sensitive approach to advanced technology production standards. Technology; is effectively used in all areas of production, from the paint units that enable the machines painted quickly and without problems, to the woods production where the production of wooden part is done and the modern material store for the supply of spare parts.

More than 370 projects, full with customer satisfaction.

Genc Degirmen's experience makes it a force that offers effective solutions at every stage of production, from design to assembly. More than 370 projects completed correctly and also punctually. R&D department continues to produce new projects. With the total quality philosophy, together with our employees we aim to be better. In addition to the quality of production, we add post-sales support for put in an outstanding performance our machines. Genc Degirmen is on its way to becoming the leader that adds value to the sector.

The "young" power of the future

To increase its share in the world market, GENC DEGİRMEN continues on its way to specific goals and strategies, with strengthening the future of the industry.