Fourclean Combinator Model F1

Working Principles

Rough Sieve (First Cleaning Stage) involves the separation of straw, strings, large Stones andall things which are  bigger as Wheat. The second and third sieve involves the separation of wheat crumbs, sand and everything like that. Heavy and light wheat classification is made on the fourth screen. At the same time the parts are separated according to their weights.

The fifth Sieve the products by the fourth Sieve come separately for different flux strength between heavy parts and stones. By vibration fall the stones from Sieve in the Dry Stoner area and the clean wheat are moving toward the product exit.

The elimination of dust and bark like light Grain happening with air. The Fourclean machine performs the following four steps:

  • Cleaning of Waste (straw, yarn, separation of large pieces of stone).
  • Classification of the heavy and light grain
  • The Dry stoner removes stones
  • Air Channel eliminates low-density Wheat and Dust


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