Bucket Elevator

Genç Değirmen bucket elevators allow economic vertical transport of grain. Elevator system is designed tor grains and manufactured with heavy duty operational conditions in mind.

in all Genç Değirmen elevator systems, column, driver unit cap and tension unit is formed by galvanized sheet. Buckets used in vertical transport of grains are standard plastic, metal or galvanized metal buckets produced specially by Genç Değirmen.



 Upper Cap

Due to the water tight properties of the motor group (IP 55) located at the cap of the elevator system, it needs no cover. Drive from the motor to the reducer is through a V-belt pulley. The reducer is directly connected to the drive shaft. There are 2 observation lids at the cap of the drive unit, allowing easy Access and maintenance. The inner part of the cap is coated with rubber to make sure the grains are conveyed to the distributor with no damage. And the cylinder over the cap is rubber coated to prevent slipping of the belt and skidding.

 Lower Cap

There are 2 observation lids again for ease of access at the footing of the elevator system and 2 portable lids to make cleaning easier. The tensioning unit made up of zinc-coated sheet tensions the belt, which becomes loose during summer due to weather conditions and extended use, preventing it to perform less effectively. The lower cylinder consists of a steel cage to prevent the grains from being conveyed through the grain intake lid and the belt from being released.

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