Treximat Roller Mill

The grain enters the roller mill through product inlet hopper, from which it is conveyed to the feeder rolls and then to the milling rolls. Capacitive level sensors or loadcells adjust amount of the grain which is placed in the product inlet hopper. A pneumatic system is used for the automatic engagement/disengagement of the milling rolls and for adjusting milling distance, using a graduated hand-operated Wheel.

These fine-tuning Wheel can be reproduced using an electric system with a stepper motor or servo motor. With the specialized air channel system, provides uniform flow of grain between the rolls.



• New Aesthetics And Ergonomic Design
• Minimum Noise Level
• Minimum Parts Replacement Time
• Easy Maintenance And Cleaning
• High Stability
• Low Operation Cost
• Long Term Of Using
• Maximum Ease Of Use
• Maximum Sanitation

 Ergonomic Design

Maximum hygiene and minimum maintenance requirement. Hinged, openable lids make it easy to reach the feeding and grinding cylinders.

 Self-Contained Feeder Rollers

  • The feed rollers are self-contained and can be quickly removed in packs.
  • It allows residue-free cleaning of the feed rollers.
  • Minimum maintenance requirement.
  • Grinding Rollers Mechanism and Fast Roller Replacement

 Grinding Rollers Mechanism and Fast Roller Replacement

  • The grinding rollers are self-contained and can be quickly removed as a set.
  • Maintenance time lost are minimized with fast and practical cylinder replacement.

 Product inlet level control

  • Feed rollers rotation speed is adjusted automatically by product level control according to the product amount.
  • Automatic level control system controls the feeding unit by continuously adjusting the product flow rate and gives information on the panel display.
  • The feeding rollers distribute the product homogeneously in the same amount over the grinding rollers.
  • With the regular product flow, constant and standard production in milling quality is obtained.

 Integrated Control System (Touch Screen Panel)

  • Feeding roller speed, electric current and other operation parameters are controlled on the panel and displayed on the panel screen.
  • By controlling the parameters, operational reliability is maximized and standard production is guaranteed.
  • Operation information and control can be integrated into the main computer, ie the factory control system.

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